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Hereby we inform you that your details in our possession or that we will communicate in the future will be handled manually and electronically for the conduct of our business.
The treatment and processing of data is designed to fulfill requirements of laws and contracts, namely:

  • entry and data processing for the preparation of accounting records required, preparation of tax documents and administrative matters concerning the supply of goods or services or similar
  • insert and update our register of customers / suppliers to use and management purposes in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The only beneficiaries of your data and information may be disclosed are those belonging to:

  • Financial administration and other social security and welfare;
  • Authority of public security;
  • To trade unions and other entities on the basis of specific requests;
  • Professional studies, for tax compliance and administration;
  • For companies, organizations, consortia with the aim of protecting the claim;
  • A bank or banks within the financial management of the company;
  • For companies, organizations, consortia and other organizations with the purpose of insurance, brokerage, banking or similar.

The data will be entered into our database, client / supplier personal and their treatment, which can be done through automated tools and / or paper, will include all transactions or series of transactions referred to art. 4 letter. A) Leg. 196/03 necessary for the processing in question, including communications necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations and tax accountants and banks to carry out the contractual obligations.
Please note also that in relation to these data can exercise the rights under Art. 7 D. Decree 196/03.
We point out that the contribution of these data is generally not required, but any refusal to authorize the release of data about you to all the above, it may be impossible to proceed with the timely fulfillment of legal obligations and contracts relating to work.